Simply Holding Co. Limited is a holding company that does much more than just simply hold shares in subsidiaries companies. We are based in Malta, and are here to welcome entrepreneurs and investors, assisting them with our business experience in developing successful enterprises. We are a multinational corporate group, and our subsidiaries and partnerships extend to several countries. Our unique business vision is a mixture of the business structures of old Dutch holding companies and Japanese Zaibatsu.

Subsidiaries Companies
  • Stereden Ann Esperanz (Thailand)
  • Stereden Ann Esperanz (Malta)
  • Stereden Ann Esperanz Exploitation (Malta)
  • Stereden Ann Esperanz Crew (Malta)
  • Skoed (India)
  • Skoed (Switzerland)
  • Skoed (Malta)
  • The Nursery School (Malta)
  • Malta Minerval Editions (Malta)
  • Simply VC (Malta)
  • AAA Locks Malta (Malta)

Join the Team

We are always looking for autonomous driven people. If you are interested in joining the team, send us your CV and picture to, and we will contact you back shortly.


Valletta Waterfront No.6, 45-46 Forni Complex, Pinto Wharf, Floriana Malta

Tel No: 2599 6113 Fax: 2599 6101